Sooner than later

I agree with Bryan Garner that the hackneyed expression sooner rather than later is redundant and should be avoided in favor of a simple soon. See Garner’s Modern American Usage, p. 759-60. But what I find truly annoying is the bastardized version sooner than later, which is not only redundant but also incoherent. Though it may be too late to eradicate this verbal weed, we should at least avoid propagating it ourselves, and we should condemn those who allow it to invade their speech or writing.



Filed under Grammar and Usage Errors, Hackneyed Phrases

2 responses to “Sooner than later

  1. Frank F

    Condemnation is not enough. What they need is reeducation. Forcible reeducation.

  2. At a labor camp in a cold climate?

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