More pronunciation annoyances

I might as well get a few more off my chest:

  • Divisive is pronounced di-VISE-iv, not di-VISS-iv.
  • Formidable is best pronounced FOR-mid-a-bl, not for-MID-a-bl.
  • Applicable is best pronounced APP-li-ca-bl, not a-PLICK-a-bl.
  • Mischievous is pronounced MISS-cha-viss, not miss-CHEE-vee-us.

You may want to pick a fight with me over formidable or applicable, and I’m prepared to concede that regional differences may account for the proliferation of what I consider inferior pronunciations of those words. But I will yield no ground on divisive or mischievous, the mispronunciations of which I consider simply indefensible.


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One response to “More pronunciation annoyances

  1. Frank F

    This seems a bit arbitrary. (Except for miss-CHEE-vee-us, which doesn’t make a god damn bit of sense. The Grumpmeister should be able to distinguish between this case and the other three.)

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