Driving under the speed limit

Most drivers (at least here in California) tend to exceed the posted speed limit by five or ten miles an hour, perhaps more on a freeway. I confess that I become agitated when I find myself on a no-passing road behind a driver who sticks precisely to the speed limit. I recognize, however, that I have no legitimate basis for complaint, so I practice deep breathing and swallow my frustration.

By contrast, I cannot keep my blood pressure from spiking when I’m stuck behind someone who insists on driving at a rate of, say, 25 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. Even if I’m not in a hurry, I consider this passive-aggressive driving behavior to be utterly unacceptable. Oh, I know — maybe it’s a tourist eager to take in the view or a cautious elderly driver with failing eyesight or deteriorating reflexes. I don’t care. Let the tourist pull over and enjoy the view from the sidewalk, or at least allow those being held up to pass. As for the senior citizen or any other fearful driver, my view is simple: if you’re too timid to drive at the speed limit, you’re too timid to drive.


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